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Title: The Vanishing Allergy

Version: 0.1

Type: Sketch

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(This is a placeholder for an example from Dagstuhl.) This example relates to provenance. Suppose we have two healthcare systems, one used by a general practitioner and one by a specialist. The general practitioner's system records patients' allergies and ongoing drug prescriptions. The specialist's records some more detailed information, and the drug prescriptions made by this specialist - but not allergies. The consistency that is maintained is that drugs in the specialist system should also be in the GP's, and that no patient should be prescribed a drug to which they are allergic. Patient X is recorded by the GP as being allergic to Drug Y. Patient X sees a specialist, who would normally have prescribed Drug Y, but because of the allergy, uses skill to prescribe (more expensive or less effective) Drug Z instead. Later, the GP determines that Patient X is not, in fact, allergic to Drug Y. Ideally, the provenance of the decision to prescribe Drug Z would enable the GP to change the prescription to Drug Y - but usually, it wouldn't.

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