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Welcome to the Bx Examples Repository

This part of the bx-wiki is where you will find examples of bidirectional transformations (bx). We hope this will be useful to the community of people researching and using bx. Each example has a unique identifier for easy reference in papers etc., and a standard(ish) format. Artefacts such as transformation code may be included in some cases.

A rough naming convention seems to have emerged: names of examples that have something to do with the real world start with UpperCase, while examples constructed for purely technical reasons of demonstrating some point start with lowerCase.
A "(B)" after the name of an example indicates that this example is available as a benchmarx, i.e., comes along with some concrete artefacts for testing and evaluating solutions in an automated manner.

Alphabetical list of examples

Editing the repository

In each example, there is a section where anyone (with a bx-wiki account) can comment; please do suggest improvements, ask questions etc. there.

Apart from in the comment section, please do not edit the examples

If you wish to add a new example, please contact the curators.

(Technical limitations of this wiki site make it impossible to limit edit access to the curators. We trust you, and will revert if necessary ;-)

Curators: James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna, Perdita Stevens

Finding relevant examples

As the list of examples grows, a new problem develops: how to find the examples relevant to you? We are thinking about the best way to do this. For now, google does a pretty good job, provided that terms describing what you're interested in occur in the examples you're interested in. E.g. if you stick

"history ignorant"

into google, your hits will be the examples that mention the term history ignorant. Even without the site: specifier, googling works pretty well if you have a good idea that something in the example repository is what you're looking for; try googling

bx example composers

Citing the examples

If you wish to reference a particular example, we suggest doing so like this:

author = {Perdita Stevens and James McKinna and James Cheney},
title = { {\sc Composers} v0.1 in {Bx} {Examples} {Repository} },
howpublished = {\url{}},
note = {Date retrieved: 16 Jan 2014}

We intend that the name and version number of the example should suffice to identify it sufficiently precisely - any changes within a version number should be at most minor rewordings - but it is often considered good practice to include a Date retrieved as well, in any case. Please include the authors of the particular example concerned, and the top-level URL of the whole repository, as shown.

If you wish to mention the repository as a whole, you might prefer to cite the Bx'14 paper about it, Towards a Repository of Bx Examples (pdf)
BibTeX here

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