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Title: hegnerInformationOrdering

Version: 0.1

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This example, derived from one by Hegner, was used by Cheney et al. to raise the issue of whether, from a "least change" point of view, it is better for consistency restoration to reuse old model elements or introduce new ones.


Let $M = {\cal P}(A \times B \times C)$ for some sets $A, B, C$, and let $N = {\cal P}(A \times B)$.


$m\in M$ is only consistent with its projection.

For example, $m = \{(a_0, b_0, c_0), (a_1, b_1, c_1)\}$ is consistent with $n = \{(a_0, b_0), (a_1, b_1)\}$, but not with $n' = \{(a_0, b_0), (a_1, b_1), (a_2, b_2)\}$.

Consistency Restoration

$\overrightarrow{R}(m,n)$ returns the projection of $m$, i.e. the set of pairs produced by discarding the $C$ component from each triple in $m$.

$\overleftarrow{R}(m,n)$ must return something whose projection is $n$. Let us say:

  1. for each pair $(a,b) \in n$ check whether there is any triple $(a,b,c) \in m$. If so, mark all such triples "justified". If not, add to $m$ a triple $(a,b,c)$ for some $c$ that does not currently occur in $m$.
  2. remove from $m$ any triples not marked "justified".


Correct and hippocratic.


The issue here is whether, when consistency restoration requires the use of a model element but does not precisely constrain which one, it is better to reuse an already-in-use model element, or to use a previously unused model element. The above consistency restoration has a reasonable claim to be the "least change" necessary; but it may introduce to $m$ more different elements of $C$ than needed. Is that a bug or a feature? Hegner argues that it is a feature, on the basis that to reuse previously seen elements of $C$ would make a larger change to the set of true statements about $m$. See Hegner's paper for more.


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Perdita Stevens



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