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Title: Split cyclic inheritance

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(This is a placeholder for an example from Dagstuhl.) This is a simple example of where several models, each individually conforming to the same metamodel and constraints, may nevertheless combine to give a full model that does not. Further, any pair combines to give a conformant model.

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All models in this example comprise named classes connected by inheritance, with the constraint that cycles in the inheritance relation are not allowed.

Three models show: B inheriting from A; C inheriting from B; A inheriting from C.

Descriptions of the models, possibly with (formal) expressions of their meta-models. (We use the term “model”, and “meta-model” inclusively: any appropriately precise description of the information sources being transformed is acceptable.)


The obvious consistency relations are: models are consistent if, when they are combined, the combination still conforms to the metamodel (with the acyclicity constraint).

Description of the consistency relationship between models. This should at least be in natural language, but may be augmented by formal expression in some language cognate with that of the meta-models.

Consistency Restoration

not discussed in this example

Explain in which of the typically many possible ways inconsistencies are to be repaired. May be divided into separate descriptions of forward and backward restoration.


Origin, utility, interest, representativeness, related examples in the literature, …

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Perdita Stevens typing an example by Zinovy Diskin

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Artefacts [optional section]

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