Accepted Papers
  • Michael Johnson and Robert Rosebrugh. Unifying Set-Based, Delta-Based and Edit-Based Lenses
  • James McKinna. Bidirectional Transformations with Deltas: A Dependently Typed Approach (Talk Proposal)
  • Zinovy Diskin, Romina Eramo, Alfonso Pierantonio and Krzysztof Czarnecki. Incorporating Uncertainty into Bidirectional Model Transformations and their Delta-Lens Formalization
  • James McKinna and Perdita Stevens. How to Regain Equilibrium without Losing your Balance? Scenarios for Bx Deployment (Discussion Paper)
  • Erhan Leblebici. Towards a Graph Grammar-Based Approach to Inter-Model Consistency Checks with Traceability Support
  • Oszkár Semeráth, Csaba Debreceni, Ákos Horváth and Dániel Varró. Change Propagation of View Models by Logic Synthesis using SAT solvers
  • Susann Gottmann, Nico Nachtigall, Claudia Ermel, Frank Hermann and Thomas Engel. Towards the Propagation of Model Updates along different Views in Multi-View Models
  • Max E. Kramer and Kirill Rakhman. Automated Inversion of Attribute Mappings in Bidirectional Model Transformations
  • Tao Zan, Li Liu, Hsiang-Shang Ko and Zhenjiang Hu. Brul: A Putback-Based Bidirectional Transformation Library for Updatable Views
  • James McKinna. Complements Witness Consistency
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