Accepted Papers
  • Anthony Anjorin, Erhan Leblebici, Roland Kluge, Andy Schürr and Perdita Stevens. A Systematic Approach and Guidelines to Developing a Triple Graph Grammar
  • James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna and Perdita Stevens. Towards a Principle of Least Surprise for Bidirectional Transformations
  • Soichiro Hidaka, Martin Billes, Quang Minh Tran and Kazutaka Matsuda. Trace-based Approach to Editability and Correspondence Analysis for Bidirectional Graph Transformations
  • Faris Abou-Saleh, James McKinna and Jeremy Gibbons. Coalgebraic Aspects of Bidirectional Computation
  • Michael Johnson and Robert Rosebrugh. Spans of Delta Lenses
  • Michael Johnson and Robert Rosebrugh. Distributing Commas, and the Monad of Anchored Spans
  • Zirun Zhu, Hsiang-Shang Ko, Pedro Martins, João Saraiva and Zhenjiang Hu. BiYacc: Roll Your Parser and Pretty-Printer into One (tool paper)
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