Bx Advisory Board

The Bx Advisory Board members have been, or are, involved in the organisation of Bx-related events. The Bx-AB's role is to discuss matters pertaining to Bx and give advice to the Bx Steering Committee. It has a mailing list, bx-organizers.

The current membership of the Bx Advisory Board is:

Anthony Anjorin (Paderborn University)
James Cheney (University of Edinburgh)
Alcino Cunha (University of Minho)
Krzysztof Czarnecki (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Zinovy Diskin (McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Canada)
Romina Eramo (University of L'Aquila)
Nate Foster (Cornell University, US)
Jeremy Gibbons (University of Oxford)
Frank Hermann (Technical University of Berlin, Germany; University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Soichiro Hidaka (NII - Tokyo, Japan)
Zhenjiang Hu (NII - Tokyo, Japan)
Michael Johnson (Macquarie University)
Ekkart Kindler (Technical University of Denmark)
Hsiang-Shang (Josh) Ko (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
Ralf Lämmel (University of Koblenz-Landau)
Kazutaka Matsuda (Tohoku University)
Richard Paige (University of York)
Andy Schürr (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)
Perdita Stevens (University of Edinburgh, UK)
James Terwilliger (Microsoft)
Janis Voigtländer (University of Bonn, Germany)
Meng Wang (University of Kent, UK)
Jens Weber (University of Victoria)
Yingfei Xiong (Peking University)

Contact: Perdita Stevens (perdita at inf dot ed dot ac dot uk)

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